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As the 2024 season unfolds, Elizabeth is actively seeking partnerships with brands that share her vision for progress and innovation in sports. A partnership with Elizabeth, a 9-time National Champion and a staunch advocate for athlete empowerment, offers a unique platform to reach a dedicated, passionate audience in the water skiing world. Aligning with her not only signifies a commitment to excellence and adventure in water skiing but also supports a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy for athletes’ rights and visibility in the sports industry.


Corporate logo on Athlete’s clothing
Prominent logo on top of Athlete’s waterski


Brand name in Athlete's social media bios
Acknowledgement in media coverage and social media posts
Corporate logo on every page of Athlete's website with link to your website 
Sponsor Plaque and Athlete Photo

Availability to use Athlete's NIL to promote your company, products and/or services for the duration of the 2024 calendar year

Waterski lessons in Palm Beach, FL for eight family members or employees

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