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My 2018 Bucket List

December 27, 2017

Instead of New Year's resolutions — which I often forget about mid - January — I wanted to come up with a list of things to see/do/accomplish in the coming year.  Whether it be a bucket list that spans a lifetime or one that is more short term like mine, I think a to - do list like this a great way to keep your spirit of adventure alive. Here's to 2018 and hoping I get through all of these! 


1. Go to the Girlboss Rally

As I've been looking for the next conference/workshop I want to attend, I can't seem to escape the Girlboss Rally: "Part conference part experiential inspiration wonderland, the Girlboss Rally has taken the tired conference world by storm, creating a space for the next generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and thought leaders to meet, hatch plans, and thrive together. In 2018, we're going even bigger." It's safe to say I'll be eagerly awaiting their 2018 event calendar. 


2. Get another tattoo 

In 2017, I got my first tattoo — matching bleach molecules with my mom — and I'm dying to go under the needle again. I have so many different ideas that I haven't been able to settle on anything specific yet, but there will be more ink to come. 


3. Find a local charity to work with

Recently some of my favorite bloggers have been working with charities that bring resources to women who have just gotten out of prison and are trying to create stability in this next chapter of their lives — things like resumé building, interview coaching, professional clothing via consignment or donation and unused beauty and personal care items. I would love to find an organization like that near me to donate my time and/or resources to, because everyone deserves a second chance. 


4. Read Ulysses by James Joyce 

Ulysses is heralded by some as both the best and hardest book to read in the English language, so naturally I need to see what all the fuss is about. I would prefer a pre-loved edition with lots of character, so I need to hunt for a good used book store. Well read = well rounded, right? 


5. Travel abroad

Can you believe I've never been out of the country? I know "I've been too busy" is the lamest excuse in the book, but between work, school and skiing I just really haven't had the time to go on an international adventure.

One of my great - great - great (I don't actually know how many great's) grandfathers was a political cartoonist during the French Revolution and his work was so influential that a street in Paris was named after him. So I'm thinking France in the fall would be more than appropriate.


6. Learn to surf

I'm naturally very competitive, so I make a point to occasionally do a sport that I'm terrible at so that I remember to not take myself so seriously. I used to play tennis but after I sprained my ankle skiing a year ago, tennis makes my ankle swell up a bit. Hopefully I'll get to spend some time again on the court one day, but in the meantime I really would love to learn how to surf! 


7. Design and sew an outfit 

As is probably obvious by now, I'm a wannabe fashionista. The two most common dilemmas I face when shopping are difficultly finding exactly what I'm looking for in terms of design and, another struggle of being a #FemaleAthlete, good fit. In 2018, I want to design and manufacture a wearable garment for myself. 


8. Vacation solo

Most of my travel has been skiing or work - related, and this year I want to take a trip purely for the sake of going somewhere new. To go somewhere with no plan other than to enjoy the people and culture sounds like heaven. But knowing me, if there's wifi I'll probably work just a little


9. See more live performances

I'm ashamed to say I don't think I saw a single play, musical or ballet in 2017. I saw my first and favorite ballet, The Nutcracker, when I was ten years old and I fell in love. There's something magical about a performance so good that you don't even feel like you're in the theater anymore. It only feels right that I should support my fellow creatives and attend a performance or two. 


10. Go horseback riding on the beach 

When I was in college my Grandma planned a weekend to visit me with the intention of taking me for horseback riding lessons. According to her, "knowing how to ride a horse is a basic life skill everyone should know." I picked it up pretty quickly, but I haven't been again since that particular weekend. I would love to go again, but upgrade to a beach view this time. 


Happy New Year everyone! 









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